Do you have goals and dreams that you want to attain?

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you believe that you CAN have what you want?


Creating the life you want is SO much more achievable than most people believe.  Lainie has spent over 40 years on her own personal and professional development, which has included studying human behavior from a variety of perspectives, psychologically, spiritually, energetically, intellectually, socially.

For over 25 years, as a therapist and life coach, she has worked with many people, helping them to create their dreams.  What she has discovered is that we all want things but most of us are not aware of how we get in the way of the very things we say we want.  Consciously, we want happiness, success, money, a relationship, creativity, confidence. Unconsciously, we sabotage ourselves in different ways.

Lainie has cultivated a highly successful approach to helping people move through “the story” and move through psychological blocks that keep you from achieving your goals.


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