“So, I guess the question is: if you could live the life and have the things that you dream of and visualize, would you invest in yourself to do it?

I’m here to tell you that I did, and it was worth it! Not long ago I made some significant changes in my life – I became single, moved, overhauled my career, and dealt with a major health issue. Yes, it was difficult. Thankfully I met Lainie. She helped me navigate the rough waters of change. I’ve had great success and now experience a life of abundance and peace with a dash of excitement.  And, did I mention, I found the relationship of my dreams! My heart is filled with gratitude for the personal time, attention and patience that Lainie has given. I call her my life coach because, with her help, I will never finish creating this wonderful life.”




“I was a client of Lainie Goldstein’s for several years.  Her supportive, gentle & nurturing ways along with her unwavering dedication helped guide me from a 19 year old scared little girl who could not access my feelings at all into the sensitive, self-aware, successful 40 year old woman I am today.

Lainie introduced me to many forms of therapy but one of the most powerful was Core Energetics.  Core allowed me to reach places that conventional “talking” therapy could not.  Core is not a quick fix but it is a deep, intense type of healing.  I could not think of a better teacher than Lainie and anyone who has the privilege of working with her will be amazed by her knowledge, strength and talent in creating a safe environment for enormous growth and ability to reach places you never thought would be possible for life long healing.”

DD, Yonkers, NY



“I could not recommend a more innately loving, nurturing, and supportive person to guide you on your journey than Lainie Goldstein.  Lainie is an exceptionally gifted professional who helped me to surface and heal many deep rooted issues.

She helped me to safely release the negative energies that were entrapping me and keeping me from fully living my life. It has helped me to truly get in touch with and heal my pain, to reclaim my healthy power, and to feel amazingly alive.. For me, Core Energetics is untouchable when it comes to personal growth, emotional healing and attaining spiritual enlightenment—I highly recommend it!”


Valley Cottage, NY



“Lainie Goldstein’s compassion for people and zest for living came shining through in my sessions with her. I was comfortable with Lainie from the start and trusted her completely. Within weeks I felt that she knew my heart and was helping me work through hurts and fears that were hidden inside me for a long time. Through “core energetics”, a brand new experience for me, I was able to release so much and free myself of things from both my past and present!! I remain so very grateful for the time I spent with her!!!”


Haverstraw, NY



“When I first started working with Lainie I didn’t know what a feeling was. Lainie helped me to get in touch with and release lots of feelings:  anger, frustration, fear.  She never gave up on me. I had felt abandoned by my mom, who was very busy with a very sick older brother.  Today I am in COMPLETE forgiveness of my mom and know she did the best she could and have an amazing loving relationship with her and I give my thanks to Lainie and Core Energetics for this. As a result of this work, many amazing things that have happened in my life.”


Tenafly, NJ


Telegroup Participants


“Although I was initially apprehensive about “going to” a group on the phone, I have found it to be much better than I expected. People are very considerate and responsive, everyone listens very well, and it feels easy for me to say everything that I want to say.  I have found that I can be in the energy of the group over the phone, and I have already benefited from it.”

Deirdre Finn, Physical Therapist,

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

New York, NY



“Lainie brings an almost uncanny wisdom in guiding this telegroup, bringing to bear a compassion, intelligence, professionalism, and an odd way of sensing what is going on in the bodies of the participants (as indicators of energy flow), responding to that in such a way as to guide us gently to ever greater openness to ourselves and to the Law of Attraction work.”




“Lainie’s positive presence, as a coach, guide, healer, WILL help you open to your own manifesting capacity if you believe and allow it. It’s simply guaranteed: the Laws are in place — again, if you believe it. If you do, Lainie will be able to guide you to use them — all in a way that opens to true joy. For me, I would avail myself of every opportunity to work with her. I cannot even begin to encapsulate the positivity she has strengthened in my own art of allowing.”

EK, Executive Editor, Biotechnology Publication

New York, NY



“What amazes me about my experience with the telegroup is that even though I have been practicing The Law of Attraction in my life for many years, Lainie is so clear, so accepting of where each of us is, so able to integrate each member’s level of understanding that I find myself growing and expanding in my ability to consciously use this wisdom in my daily life.”

Sandi Schwartz, Child Development Expert

CEO and Founder, Leading Edge Parenting

Temecula, California



“I am thoroughly enjoying this telegroup.  By all of us actively participating, and learning from each other, it is clear to me that we are experiencing results of our own intentions. I believe that this is something all of us deliberately create, but we become so affected by negative thinking and negative “past programming” that I need Lainie’s guidance and teaching to allow me to experience the joy of the positive which I actually already manifest. The synergy and common experiences we all share validate the worth of this group. I look forward to our hour together on Tuesday nights….I’m proud of myself and pleased with myself that I made the decision to join. What bliss!”

Russ Woolley, President

Wright Bros. Real Estate, Nyack, NY


Workshop Participants


“Lainie’s workshop is fun and inviting and allowed me to connect and listen to what my body needed to tell me. Lainie has an exceptional warm and open presence.  She has an incredible way of tuning into the energy present within each person’s body.  I released anger, sadness, and hurt within minutes and realigned to my true self.  I opened to my beautiful radiant flow of divine energy.  I danced like a butterfly, felt free, and experienced a profound shift in consciousness.”

Candi Wuhrman, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

Sacred Communications – Personal, Life, & Relationship  Coach



“I truly enjoyed Lainie Goldstein’s Core Energetics workshop.  She is a great teacher and insightful facilitator. The work opened my heart to new possibilities and I am excited to attend the next workshop. In the last 25 years, I have studied and experienced a wide range of healing arts and practices. I have worked with gifted healers and exceptional teachers.  Lainie Goldstein belongs in this category. She understands the body-mind-spirit connection and intuitively knows how to help each person release blocks and open to the flow of life energy. She is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her Core Energetics workshop highly.”

Laura Piening,

Founder, Power Peers Network manifesting success in all areas of life

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